"Loading text..." hang!

Dear KB,

Several times now in the last 90 minutes, I have run into a problem where Scriv does not respond. It might simply sit there, or I get the message “Loading text…” and it seems to hang.

When this has happened, I have quit and restarted the app. Several times this has not worked but the app remained unresponsive. When it I restart and it seems to run, I save a backup (I do that pretty frequently anyway). I have renamed the file and started from a backup, but the problem has come up again a few times. Most recently, I quit, restarted and now things seem ok, but I am worried!

As I a have some desperate writing to do over the next 5 days to get a draft thesis turned in, I am petrified that this will recur/get worse and then I will be in trouble.

The project is around 12 meg, 160,000+ words with lots of folders (but not more than 100).

Any thoughts?

Kind regards


Is this in an Edit Scrivenings session? Do you have a lot of text in Edit Scrivenings? Or is it in full screen? Any other information you can provide would be useful, because I’m not really sure what might have caused this at the moment…
All the best,

dear kb,

sorry if my posting was cryptic.

the “Loading text…” hang was when i clicked on a folder with around 35 text files/ notecards inside of it and then tried to edit scrivenings. i could then click on another folder or single item (such as a single text file or a pdf file in a folder) and Scriv kept giving me the “Loading text…” message.

on another occasion in a different session of Scrvi, before i ran into the “Loading texts…” message, Scriv just became unresponsive and displayed no text and no message. again i was trying to select some text to edit.

each time, the binder was open as well as the inspector.

thanks for your help and let me know if any more info would help.

kind regards,


(ps i realise this might not be much to go on !)


Hmm, it definitely sounds as though something is hanging the Edit Scrivenings routine, or at least blocking it. Would you mind zipping up your project and sending it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com with a description of which folder I need to click on to see this?