Local links not working

I’m trying to create links pointing to RTF files located on my hard drive. These files are in the same folder where the Scapple file is. I’ve tried both absolute and relative addresses but neither seems to work. If I drag and drop an RTF file into the link editing window, a link like this appears: /Users/myusername/afolder/anotherfolder/thefile.rtf - which as such is correct. But if I click this link in Scapple, the file doesn’t open. There is a Finder prompt “There is no application set to open the URL /Users/myusername/afolder/anotherfolder/thefile.rtf”. If I choose an application here, an empty document opens. I’d expect the files to open in my default RTF editor by default. I’ve also tried a link /thefile.rtf with the same result. I wonder what is wrong? In what form the link should be? I’m running Scapple 1.1 on OS X 10.9.2.

This needs to be a valid URL (drag and drop doesn’t know you are trying to create one, so it only outputs the path, which can be used as part of one). You need to specify a protocol as a part of the URL, which in this case would be: “file:///path/to/document.rtf”.

Thank you for explaining. Added the file protocol and my links are now working. In the Scapple manual I didn’t find instructions for adding links.

Make sure there is a protocol “file://” and a path, which means there will actually be three forward slashes in the middle there, since the first forward slash is a part of the path, like “file:///Users/yourname/stuff.rtf”. Here is a simple how-to that may help.

Thank you for the knowledge base link. That three slashes I’ve found odd but got it now, with two it won’t work.

Yes, it is odd, if you find it more aesthetically pleasing to do so, you can specify a target domain as well. This will make it look more like a normal URL:


We’re just using shorthand here, where an empty domain means ‘localhost’ (which is just a geeky way of saying “My Computer” :slight_smile:).

I should also note that for most file types you can just drag it in and Scapple will create the link for you. It’s just with RTF and other file types that it supports directly importing or placing on the board (like images), where you need to specifically create a URL by hand.

All right, it is less cryptic with localhost. Got the links working and learned some geeky stuff, I’m happy now :slight_smile: .