LocalDictionary file is empty

I am asking for a member of our Scrivener Facebook group.
He is using the current macOs version (Big Sur) and the current Scrivener version…
Learned words do not appear in the “LocalDictionary” file in the Library directory, but are shown as “learned” in Scrivener.
Does Scrivener store learned words elsewhere or in another file?
The user has learned a word with the wrong spelling and wants to remove it from the dictionary, but the “LocalDictionary” file is empty.
Any hint to fix the issue would be appreciated.


Hi, Thomas.

Should be able to right click the word and choose “unlearn” („Rechtschreibung verlernen“).

support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/m … lp2299/mac

support.apple.com/de-de/guide/m … lp2299/mac

Alternatively, in Big Sur, go to:


… and there will be a dictionary file for the user’s language, such as “de” for German, “en_GB” for British English, etc. Should be able to edit the word in that file.

Hope this helps.



[attachment=0]Rechtschreibung verlernen.png[/attachment]