Just curious - do you plan for localized versions (namely German) for after the beta state?


That’s a very good question. We’ve had localisation of the Mac version in mind for quite a while - and will be working on this shortly as it’s one of our priorities. However, one of the problems we face is that we would need to translate the Help file - which currently runs to about 200,000 words. So it’s not an easy task and is going to be very expensive if using a professional translator. Then there’s the problem of support, as a couple of us speak and read a bit of basic French and German (not actually sure if Ioa has any hidden talents in this area), but that’s about it.

So really - yes, we’re working on it, and if we manage to find a workable way for Mac then there won’t be too much extra work needed for the Windows version. Once 2.0 and NaNoWriMo are out of the way, we’ll definitely be doing more work on this. We’d definitely like to - we just have to work out how!

Thanks for your answer. Maybe you could look for volunteers? I once took part in translation parts for the software PersonalBrain - and as a reward got a free licence of the software. Maybe an option for you, too? I could help with German.


That’s definitely a good option - we simply haven’t had time to look at it yet. In fact, the English documentation still has the odd gap. But it’s on our to do list soon and I’ll let David know you have experience of it so might help. Thanks.