Localize TOC replacing Header "Content"

Hi there,

I am using Scrivener since only a few days and I can say: wooowwww.
I will get a license for my Mac and my Win-machine, and never use the text editor from a well known OS-supplier again :smiley: .

Actually I am a little stuck concerning the TOC when compiling it to Kindle format .mobi.

The TOC always gets the english header “Content”. How can I localize this (e.g. to German “Inhalt” or “Kapitel”)?

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Hi Lara,

You can change this in the “Layout” pane of Compile.

Hope that helps.

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Yeap, that did the job. I hadn’t the flag “Compile HTML TOC” ticked, so this option was disabled. With the flag on, I was able to edit the title.

Thank’s a lot