Locate toolbar on iPad

Toolbar has not yet shown up on my iPad. Please … How do I access it? Saw something about “tapping paintbrush”. No paintbrush either. Help! Thanks!

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Could you send a screenshot? Are you on the original project screen? In a project? In an open file? The toolbar row is only visible if you’re actually editing a file.


My thanks for any guidance. I’ve spent hours on this issue. Screenshot attached.
Kathy (MrsLB)

MrsLB, have you tried tapping into the document? That will put it in edit mode, and the toolbar with the paintbrush will appear.


Thanks, Jim, I went into document, found a paintbrush. And attached screenshot is what I see. There are options for formatting, etc. But still no tool bar above the document. That’s what I’m trying to find. Without this tool bar, I’m not getting full use of the software.

Any other thoughts, please? TY!

The toolbar with the paintbrush is the toolbar.

What leads you to believe there is something more?

What features are you looking for that you cannot find?


It’s just that area at the top of your document. In your screenshot, you also display the extended keyboard at the top of your on-screen keyboard.

That’s all it is. Hope this helps!

What JimRac said. What specifically are you trying to do?

Have you been through the iOS Scrivener Tutorial?


Thanks, yes I’ve run through several tutorials, scrivener sponsored and otherwise. They all show a menu bar, toolbar, as shown the attached screenshot. This is where I’m trying to go. They all reference drop-down menus which seem to make the software much more user-friendly. I’m on an iPad, if that makes any difference.

The screenshot you’ve posted is for the MacOS version of Scrivener, which is different to the iOS version. You can find the tutorial for iOS scrivener within the app itself.

Ok then … I understand now, with your explanation, that I will not be getting full functionality with a tool bar above my draft since I am on Mac iOS as opposed to my iMac. Rather than sitting at the iMac, working with with audio dictation on this iPad is my only option for this project. Bummed. Thanks to all for your assistance, much appreciated!

If you post here exactly what you’re trying to do, some of the experienced iOS Scrivener users or the support staff might be able to tell you how to replicate the macOS function that you’re looking for