Locating "empty" Notes or Metadata

I rely heavily on macro’s using Keyboard Maestro. No problem there… but sometimes I discover that the automatic data entry into “Notes” have skipped a beat, leaving this field empty. I may have 1.000 documents in my draft binder so it is huge to do the search manually.
I have a notion there is a special way to search for such empty ones ( a ‘blank’ will not do). I have looked in many places but not found the combo that will show me truly empty Notes (or metadata)

Although this answer is aimed at another type of problem, the recipe that is used to perform this kind of search is described, and could be applied to any of the scopes that Project Search provides:

Thank you Amber
omg, there were 77 of them…
I have put your advice into present project under tech details
hopefully i’ll look there next time I forget the fix
and now “Friends” binge watching, got the blueray disks


Oh my! Sounds like a long weekend. :slight_smile: