location of inline images in projects and copied projects

I have a Scrivener project that I am trying to transfer to another computer permanently. When I originally created the project on my notebook computer, I dragged several images into the project. However, I can’t for the life of me figure out where those images actually reside in the project. They must be in the project because when I copied the project to my desktop Mac and opened it there in Scrivener, the images all show up. However, when I right click and select ‘Show Package Contents’ on the project file, all I can find are .rtf files, no images. So where are the images in the original project? And in the copied project?

My goal: I’m trying to transfer a project from one computer to another and I want to be sure I have everything in the copied project before I delete the original.

Thanks for any insights.


The images are embedded as hexadecimal code into the RTF files, so they are part of the RTF (you will notice that RTF files containing images are bigger). If you ever want to export such an image, just ctrl-click on the image in the editor and choose to save it to disk.

Hope that helps!

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