Location of Snapshot files in new Beta?

Having a few problems with new beta.
It comes on very blah and blank and takes a lot of tinkering to make it pleasant to work with.

So how do I change location of Snapshot files? Can not locate that option.

You can’t. Snapshots are point-in-time copies of specific documents within your project, and therefore only viewable within the project. They are stored within the project package/directory, not in a separate location.

Are you thinking of backups – which are point-in-time copies of the entire project? In those, you can have a global backup directory in Scrivener, or override that on a per-project basis. This folder SHOULD NOT be the same location you save the live project.

Thank you.
None of my files are stored in default locations in any programs.
They are all directed to folders in Windows Explorer where they are easily located by recognizable names and dates.
I understand the limits for Snapshot and the confusion it may cause for some.
We often see folks on here frantically trying to locate misplaced or lost files.
I simply try to minimized that eventuality.
Again Thanks