Lock 1 writing window, when 2 windows are open

I often use the double pane to do my writing. I will use one pane for the writing itself and other other to bounce around various notes. I would like to be able to lock one of the panes so that when i click on a document in my tree view no matter which of the two windows are highlighted it will only change the unlocked window.

I work with such intensity that sometimes, well a lot of the time, i don’t pay attention to which pane is highlighted so when I go to grab something the screens get all messed up and and lose my train of thought trying to get everything back into place.

See attachment to get a visual

You have a few options available for controlling how this works:

  • Lock the Editor: just click on the icon in the header bar for the editor and select “Lock in Place”, or hit Cmd-Opt-L. The header bar will turn a dull shade of red to indicate it is locked. All this does is prohibit external navigation events (like clicking in the Binder) from affecting the locked split when it is active. If you want the click diverted then you’ll want…
  • Binder selection affects other editor when focused editor is locked: this option, in the Navigation preference pane, will do precisely what you are describing. You lock your main editor, and all Binder clicks will go to the other editor so long as it isn’t locked as well.
  • Binder Affects: a third alternative is to set up the Binder so that clicks are diverted automatically. The View/Binder Affects/ sub-menu provides several options, such as the ability to only target one specific split no matter where focus is (a good option if you prefer one pane for research), or even completely invert how it usually works, so that clicks go to whatever you aren’t working.