Lock current work

I’m working quite a lot during my free time at university. Sometimes I have to leave my laptop for a few seconds. Would it be possible to include a “screen lock” feature in Scrivener so that people can not read what I’m writing at the moment?

This is what I mean:
When pressing a keyboard shortcut, the Scrivener window would be hidden and a text box appears. When I want to resume working, I would type a password and Scrivener would be usable again.
I know Scrivener uses a package format, so a “real” password protection would be useless (I don’t want this, either!). All I want is a possibility to hide the window without quitting Scrivener/the document I’m working on (Apple H or Apple M is no solution since everyone knows how to make windows visible^^). I just don’t want people to read my texts (plagiarism is a huge issue here).


Why don’t you just switch to the Login Screen? :smiley: Go to System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Options and turn on “fast user switching”. Your session will still be active, so you don’t have to reload everything when return to your computer.

Alternatively, if you turn on the Keychain menu bar icon by launching Keychain Access (in your Applications/Utilities folder) and turning on ‘Show menu icon’ in its preferences, then you can lock your screen by clicking it and selecting ‘lock screen’. It launches screensaver, and requires your password to switch back to desktop.

I suspect there is a global keyboard shortcut for this too, somewhere.

Unfortunately, I can’t use the login screen since its sometimes necessary to have the desktop accessible to other users, but NOT Scrivener.
The Keychain method may work, I will test this. Nevertheless, a simple “enter password to unlock Scrivener” would be both convenient and easy.