Lock Edits

I write my sermons on my desktop and use my iPhone for the actual presentation. Often I will accidentally touch something that edits things or changes my screen and create a nuisance for me to get back to where I was in my notes. Is there any way to lock the edit screen or some kind of read only mode, so all I can do is scroll or navigate within the binder?
Thanks for any suggestions

No, there is no lock function.
Why not compile/export to pdf? And get yourself an iPad Mini for the sermons?

Probably should. But first of all, I hate to spend the money for an iPad. Second, I really like being able to make last min edits of stuff I think about before sermon time. and the sync feature between laptop and phone is really handy. Anyway thanks for the info and suggestion.

Even with your phone, give Lunk’s suggestion of compiling to PDF a try. Probably would take less than 30 seconds to compile a sermon on your phone, so you can do that right from iOS Scriv, say a a few minutes before you’re about to start and/or whenever it is you think you’re done with your edits.

It might be a bit tough to read though, depending on the size of your phone. :slight_smile:

I would probably compile to epub to get a better reading experience on the iPhone. You can then easily change font size, light, background color etc while reading.

Or maybe I would compile to rtf, open in Pages and then use the built-in teleprompter function. It’s actually rather handy. You can set font size, text and background color, and automatic scrolling speed, and can start and stop the automatic scrolling simply by touching the text.

You should test that for your sermons. :slight_smile:

Now that sounds cool!

Lots of good ideas. Thanks