Lock files in the Binder?

Is it possible to lock in place files in the Binder? I noticed I move any of them sometimes by mistake.

By the way, I inform you there is a really good French program runs under others software for dictionary, synonyms, conjugation, etc.
Yes, of course, it could be only interesting for French writers (like me…) but if one day you’re looking for this kind of things, you should visit this address: synapse-fr.com

No, there’s no way to prevent files from being moveable in the binder the way you’re describing. Scrivener does make automatic backups and keep the last five, however, so if you notice belatedly that you’ve done some inadvertent rearranging, you could try opening one of your backup files to compare the binder set ups and get your current version back into the proper order.

ZACK, thanks for the recommendation on a good French grammar and dictionary tool.

For some reason these have always been hard to find on the web. Maybe what’s needed also is a leo.org, but for French.


Thanks Clive,
By the way, I noticed the program I spoke works in 70 different languages for orthographic correction…

Yes, I understand. But when you work on consequent project with dozen and dozen files, you can’t really do that each time you launch Scrivener. I mean, you can’t really verify if all files are still in place. For example, you can merge two documents by mistake (because you missed a keyboard shortcut for example…). If you work on a part of a novel during weeks, you can have a big surprise when you go back on another part you didn’t touch since that. And even the actual backup system can’t help you in this case. I mean, it would be good to be sure you can’t do any mistakes on parts/files supposed to be clean. Because it’s human to do mistakes :wink: