lock folder

I am a newbie and so please be patient.

I wish to lock individual folders in the binder so that i can not inadvertently make changes.

I can’t seem to find a way to do that.

Any suggestions?
Thank you

There is no way to lock a file to make it read-only, if that is what you mean, but you can use the Documents > Snapshot feature to save a version of the file, so that if it is altered in the future, you can easily roll back to the correct version.

File > Back Up > Back Up To… will save a full copy of your project, so unlike the snapshot feature which just saves a copy of the selected document’s text within the project, this will be a full project itself, saving your binder structure, meta-data, everything in the project. This is good to do regularly and before big changes, but especially if you’re going to be reordering the documents in your binder, this will let you make a backup of the original structure in case you don’t like how things end up and need to go back (or just want to compare to the earlier version).

Thank you for your help.

I now understand that locking a file is not possible in Scrivener.

I also appreciated your offering two suggestions to overcome my problem. One approach is the snapshot which preserves a copy of the specific document I have selected.

The other is a complete backup which saves everything…all documents…all metadata…etc.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to help me find a workaround.


I would like to be able to lock documents and folders: (1) to prevent deletion/edits unless first unlocked; (2) to freeze docs/folders within the outline structure. I realize that this could become complicated: allow additions but not deletions, etc. But how about just simple locking for starters? Thx, k