Lock In My Goldilocks View

I’ve found just the right hide this/show that toggling for my preferred writing/referencing mode. I’m zoomed in just right, this footer is shown, that one isn’t, etc. Is there a way to save this view and automatically go into it when I am in the writing mode and then toggle it off for the default Scrivener layout?

I realize composition mode meets much of this functionality, but right now I’m wanting to have a fully immersive writing and referencing experience.


You normally do this sort of thing using the Layouts Manager (Windows > Layouts). I don’t think it remembers the Zoom if you change between layouts (zoom is remembered, but per editor, not per layout), but it does remember individual configurations of header/footer/ruler etc, and of course you can assign a short cut to each of your layouts.

Perhaps this will help?

Brilliant! Yes! Thank you.

Ha! Consider it a small thank you for all the helpful videos you’ve done on Tinderbox - thank you!

Please help. I’ve scrambled up the steep Tinderbox learning curve and can export notes as OPML with whatever attributes I choose eg $Startdate and $Enddate. I can import that OPML into Scrivener. How do I see the attributes in Scrivener? I would like to see them as columns in the Outliner.

Yours sincerely,


Wow, just saw this, Brookter. What a small world!

And Bryan, unfortunately I don’t know how to display attributes from Tinderbox into Scrivener columns, but what a wonderful idea.