Lock In Place behaviour

I find the Lock In Place facility useful, specially when I’m orbiting a few QuickReference panels around the main editor window.

So: main editor locked in place; then I go to open a new file from the binder in the main editor … but I forget (or overlook) that the existing one is locked in place, despite the helpful reddened title bar.

New file I’ve clicked is selected and highlighted. Oh, silly me, I say at this point (actual phrase edited for filth), I need to unLock the main editor. I do that. I go back and click the file I want to open. But – and this is the point I’m making – Scriv interprets that as a second click on the already selected/highlighted binder file, and opens the name slot for editing. Caramba!

Then I click the file I want yet again, and it opens, at last.

I realise this is a minor irritation, but it does seem to happen to me a good few times a day. OK, I should keep my aged eyes open for the tell-tale reddened title bar. But is there anything else to be done? Or is that just the way it is?

Oh well, I’ll assume that really is just the way it is, then.

You can hit Cmd-O if the item is already selected to tell it to open the selected document. Or click elsewhere and click back again. But it’s standard Mac behaviour to start editing an item if it’s selected and focussed and you click on it again.

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In the situation described by the OP, for me, CMD O launches the open-project window, rather than loading the document selected in the binder. Perhaps I am doing something wrong.

Sorry, that should be Opt-Cmd-O.

I’m not far enough west to have an OPT key. :open_mouth:

(Why hasn’t Apple standardised the ALT / OPT key name?)

Thanks, KB. Works. A. Treat.

Thanks KB. Alt-Cmd-O duly added to my List Of Things To Remember. And possibly to a shortcut key.