Lock In Place in 3.2.1

This should clarify the argument being made:

The top half is scrambled, so as to better simulate actual conditions where you wouldn’t know what you’re looking at without examining menu checkmark states by hand, or looking very closely at the UI to find the subtle visual cues.

As you say, this is your opinion; I don’t share it. :slight_smile:

I agree that there is an issue when the user sets the system tint to grey, however. Our graphics designer felt that users who set their accent colour to grey would be used to this sort of thing. For the next update, there, I have made the following tweak:

  • If the system accent is set to grey, the focus indicator colour will use the pre-3.2 blue, making it as obvious as when using any other accent colour.

“Lock in Place” will remain the darker shade of grey.

I’m not sure you’ve yet understood the problem, Keith.

Here’s an example with the system accent and highlight set to blue. The top image is with the left editor selected, and the bottom with the right editor selected. Clear as anything. Anyone who doesn’t use Lock in Place will be intimately familiar with this highlighting – the selected editor uses the highlighted colour in the header. Bonza!
Here are the same editor selections with Lock in Place active:
If this behaviour is your intention, then I would like to understand the rationale, so that I might adjust my mental model to accommodate it, because it’s currently beyond me.

  • The blue header background indicates which editor will be affected by clicks in the binder.
  • The blue divider indicates which editor currently has the focus.

This is how things have been for a long time; it’s just that the lock-in-place background colour has changed from pink to a dark grey.

I’m not quite sure why the lock-in-place header in your screenshot is so dark, though. It should be more obvious:

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 10.22.11.png[/attachment]

[attachment=1]Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 10.22.18.png[/attachment]

Keith, you’ve clearly decided this is how it must be.

Do you get the sense that the nearly 1,000 Scriv users who’ve looked at this post agree? Impossible to know, of course.

Anyway, as I’m stuck with this, is there a chance you could make the grey of the Locked In Place setting darker? I really do have trouble distinguishing between the unlocked grey and the locked grey.