"Lock In Place" kills "Open In/Alternate Edit

Not sure if I should be calling this a bug- just a bit of weirdness. In an attempt to make Scrivener work more like a traditional outliner- which I find useful at times - I use command-shift-O a fair amount to open an edit view of an oultine item in the other split. I’ve even assigned the command to one of my mouse buttons so i can keep an outline in the upper half of the window and easily open the editor in the lower half.
However, if I use “Lock In Place” on the outline, the “Open In/Alternate Editor” command is turned off (though not greyed out) and returns only an error beep.

While we’re at it, Keith, have you considered creating an option or preference that would automatically sync the second split editor with an outline or corkboard in the first split? This would make Scrivener work more like Omnioutliner and umpteen other programs and might provide a familiar option for traditionalists. Just a thought.

One stumbling point, unless I misunderstand (eminently possible), is the question of which outline to switch to? If I am writing in a document, should it switch to the parent to which that document belongs? Or the document itself? Or the whole tree? Might not be an entirely programmatic choice.

I expressed this poorly. I was refering to syncing in the other direction. When you click on an outline/coarboard item in one split, the linked editor/note/draft (whatever you call it!) automatically would open in the other. Basically this would automate command-shift-O.

Eiron - for me, “Open in Alternate Editor” is greyed out when it is locked in place. Currently, it works so that “Open in Editor” will override “Locked in Place”, but “Open in Alternate Editor” won’t. Not difficult to change, but there needs to be a good reason to do so. “Lock in Place” is supposed to prevent the locked editor from being affected by selections made in other views; hence the current behaviour.

As for the preference you mention, well, I considered all of these things very carefully when designing the new Scrivener. I even considered making Scrivener a three-pane outliner with the outline pane able to be swapped for other views at one point. Ultimately, though, the route I took means that Scrivener is not a three pane outliner, and thus it would muddy the waters considerably to start adding preferences that would enable it to act as one. Shift-Cmd-O is there precisely so that you can get this functionality without such changes. It is probably best just to try to get out of the mentality of thinking of Scrivener in this way.

Oh wait. Hang on. I’ve just had an idea. Hmm. I’ll have to ponder on something before continuing this discussion… :slight_smile:

Clearly I’m missing something here.

Here’s the scenario:

My upper split is an outline of the contents of a folder
My lower split is anything.
If I click on an item in the outline (upper split) and press command-shift-o the editor for that item opens in the lower split.

All good so far.


if I Lock the upper split (still in outline mode) using Lock In Place
then I click on an item in the outline (upper split) and press command-shift-o (the menu is NOT greyed out for me)
I get a beep and nothing happens.

Is that clearer?

BTW I’m on an intel 24inch imac.

Cheers. and keep pondering… sounds good to me.


Ah! Right. No, you’re not missing anything. The way I read your first post, I thought you meant that you were using “Open in Alternate Editor” from the unlocked pane and were trying to open it in a locked pane.

No, you are right. This is a bug - and a single line of code to fix, too, because I was just checking whether the wrong editor was locked in place. Fixed for beta 5!


Glad to have contributed something useful for a change. It was a tiny bug but itchy nonetheless. Thanks


Eiron - this button is going to be your friend in beta 5 / 1.0… :slight_smile:

OOOOOh- I’ve never had a friend who’s a button.
I like the icon - and since my writing usually points in at least two directions at once it seems highly appropriate.
Jeez you work fast.
Thanks for jimmying the “feature lock”. :laughing:


Just wanted to say how much I like the Selection Affects Alternate Editor menu and button in b5. It somehow makes big difference in my workflow. Thanks again,