Lock Inspector button displays opposite mode

Several of my students brought this to my attention, and I’m seeing the same issue on my version of Scrivener, 2.3.1 (20025).

Normally, I expect the Lock Inspector button to display as unlocked when the Inspector is not locked to an editor pane, then to display as locked after I click it to lock the Inspector to an editor.

The button is displaying the exact opposite. So right now, when the Inspector is not locked to either editor pane, it’s showing as locked.

I know that was wordy, but I was trying to meet all of your bug reporting guidelines. :wink:

Hi Gwen,

Oops, I didn’t realise that had gotten into the release version, sorry about that! It’s a result of the gradual updating of all of the graphics for the Retina display - I had named the new graphics the wrong way around. This is fixed for 2.4 (which is 100% Retina-ready).


All the best,

Thanks, Keith! I’ll let everyone know. :smiley: