Lock Scrivening

I’m in crunch time on a project, and I figured while I need a break I might pull a better item off my wish list and post it. Productivity in my unproductive time!

This one is fairly simple: a built-in mechanism for locking content to prevent accidental editing.

This would be especially nice if it could be toggled in the inspector and remembered like “Page Break Before” or “Include in …”.

Again, I think this would be most useful for Materials documents. Apart from highlighting and some post-import RTF formatting to make things readable, I mostly just want my source texts to stay still and appear promptly when summoned out from the depths.

There are have been a few times when i glitched a key hunting for a shortcut and ended up with an ambiguous typo or some other irregularity in material that i later need to cite verbatim. Oops. If I’m lucky (and I catch it), that means back to the web page (saved in links, of course). If today is not my day, that means back to the library, which here in Moscow means half a workday to get my request filled to a reading room. It has happened. Two or three times, actually.

Yes, I could (and do) snapshot my materials. Nonetheless, seeing as plagiarism isn’t my gig, most of the time editing those documents is just a bad thing™. Lacking keyboard discipline, my usual approach to bad thing™s is to make them as impossible as I can. Help in this area would be much appreciated.

Totally off-topic, but nice avatar. What is the application in the lower-right? The other three I use on a basis which makes the word “daily” a bit of an understatement. :slight_smile:

I recognise that from my vertical climb up the north face of the learning curve MMD->Scriv->LaTeX workflow! It’s BibDesk referencing software (uses the BibTex .bib format). :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile: That would be why I did not recognise it, even though I have it installed. I’m a mad scientist, not a scholar.