Lock shortcut - not working

I know we can lock a pane in place, so that if we click on something else, that pane will stay there. I know we can click on the icon and chose ‘lock in place’… and I know the shortcut is command+option+l

I used to use that shortcut a lot… until a couple of day ago, where it decided to stop working. Anything I can do to make it work again?


Go to the View>Editor menu and verify that Lock in Place still has Cmd-Opt-L assigned. And I know you said you do it all of the time, but that is an “ell” and not an “aye” you have typed in up there, right?

lol, reading your response, my first thought was ‘what?’ ‘ell and aye’? Then I realized what you meant. hehe.

And yeah, it is a ‘ell’ that I typed. And in view>editor, the shortcut is written besides the ‘lock in place’.

I did the shortcut again a couple of times and I just noticed that the ‘text’ menu lights up and it makes my writing go smaller. However, if I look in text>font, smaller’s shorcut is option and -.

Hmm, very odd. You might try deleting Scrivener.app, re-downloading the DMG from the home page and then re-installing it. Sometimes, though this doesn’t happen often, the ‘nib’ files which control how the interface reacts to the underlying application code, can get messed up resulting in weird behaviour like this.

And of course, the usual check for third-party tools that might be doing things with your keyboard shortcuts. I don’t know of anything that makes a shortcut do something other than what is meant to do in the same application—usually they just steal the shortcut for their own purpose. But you never know.

Um, I deleted the Scrivener.app, and reinstalled… and it’s still doing the same thing. oO.

Two things that may also cause this.

Custom shortcuts defined in System Preferences.

THird Party software that allows custom shortcuts may also have a setting interfering…

I never created system shortcuts (so whatever was there a year ago when I got my laptop, is the same as what’s there now), and I haven’t installed a new software recently (recently = 4-5 months?), and it worked fine about until about 1-2 weeks ago…

However, I did try reinstalling Scrivener entirely (ie, I didn’t just delete the scrivener.app, I deleted -everything-, except my files of course. But the rest was deleted and reinstalled once more, and it didn’t do a difference…)

So I’m at a loss here… I have no idea what’s causing it…

Something else you could try: Make a quick test account on your Mac, log in to that account and run Scrivener from there and see if the shortcut works. If it does, then there is something in your account preferences somewhere. Not where what though, it is a weird problem.

Okay, I did as you suggested… and the shortcut did work in the new account I created. Which makes me wonder… what the heck? lol.