Locked inspector loses sync with editor

Hi all—

I often work with the left editor showing the outliner, and the right editor showing the document I’m working in.

As I understand it, the lock function of the inspector is designed to allow you to keep the inspector tied to one of the two editor windows. Very handy.

However, if I change the document displayed in the right editor via the outliner (in the left editor), using the ‘open in right editor’ shortcut, the inspector doesn’t change focus, remaining on the previous document.

At that point, it is out of sync with either the left or the right editor.

This seems like it shouldn’t happen (in which case please consider this a bug report!)—but perhaps there’s something I’m missing here?

Is there a way of locking the inspector to the right editor so that the inspector always shows the synopsis for the document displaying in the right editor, even when navigating in the way described above?


Yeah, that’s a bug. The inspector seems to not be registering the document change when using certain methods. Thanks for the catch!