Locked out of a file with a permissions issue


I’ve locked my wife’s novel into a file that I can’t get access to. What happened is, I took her raw rtf files and --trying to be a helpful techie as well as editor-- dumped them into Scrivener, annotated the heck out of it, and dropped it into the /Users/Shared/ folder of our iBook. Then, switching over to her account, I go the permissions message mentioned here:


I thought I could work around this by doing a get info and changing the ownership and permissions from me to her.

No dice.

Unfortunately, changing it back to read-write being set to me, instead of her, does not allow me back into the file.

We’re now in a state where neither of us can open the file.

I’m in trouble now, so any help much appreciated.




VersionTracker and elsewhere.

Turn on all the settings.


thanks dafu, I got as far as downloading batchmod but was able to fix without using it.

However I am a little disturbed at the issue, as restoring the privileges to what they are by default:

Owner: (username) read and write, Group (username) read only, Others: (username) read only, and little lock thing unlocked

Does not make the file any more openable.

However, my solution was to simply duplicate the intractable file. The duplicate is openable.

sigh is this really how permissions are supposed to work in os x?

Well, sorta :confused:

I’m guessing the problem will be fixed by using BatchMod with all settings turned-on. My experience is that changes to the Info dialog permissions do not always “take.”

Glad you found a work-around.