Locking an editor pane to a document

I know that it’s possible to lock the inspector to an editor in split mode.

But is it possible to lock one of the editors to a document, or otherwise bring about the same end?

I’m not finding anything in the documentation or in the menus about this, so I’m guessing it’s not.

But I thought I’d ask.

From the manual (Help > Scrivener Manual)…

9.3.1 Locking the Editor
Any editor split can be locked with ViewEditorLock in Place, or Ctrl-Shift-L. The
header bar for the editor will be changed to a dusty red colour which persists even when
the split is not active. Either or both splits can be locked independently. This feature can
also be accessed from the header bar icon menu (subsection 14.1.2).
Locking the editor prohibits external clicks from impacting the locked editor. This
means that clicks in the binder, corkboard or outliner (when Auto-load is enabled), will
be blocked. This makes it easy to keep your editing session while you use the binder
or these other views to explore the outline. What locking will not do is prohibit actions
taken from within the editor itself. This includes use of the binder navigation arrows, history
buttons, manually dragging items to the header bar, or menu navigation commands.
Locking is meant primarily to keep the interface from taking actions that it would ordinarily
take automatically. Locking will not inhibit intentional actions that you make.
These actions (as with the ViewGo To sub-menu) will navigate as requested and cancel
the lock state.
A common exception to this rule of thumb is when it makes sense to scroll your
view, or select items within it, based on an external selection. If the editor is a locked
Scrivenings session (where more than one text file is viewed at once), then if you click
on a portion of the outline that is contained within that session, Scrivener will scroll to
the right spot for you. In a large locked corkboard, you can jump to individual cards by
clicking on them in the binder. Again, this alternate method of navigation only works
when the item you click on in the binder sidebar is already contained within the locked
view. You will need to

Thank you. I don’t know how I missed that. :blush: