Locking an ePub

It does not appear that Scrivener allows for copy protecting a compiled ePub file, is this correct?

If not, are the only options for locking an ePub file for the Nook:

  1. Purchasing Adobe Digital publishing suite for $395

  2. Doing a full publish through B&N’s pubit! system

Are there any other options to lock a single file on a single Nook? I plan to do a very limited distribution of this work, ALREADY ON A NOOK I PROVIDE - can this file be TAKE OFF the Nook?

That is why Scrivener doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars. :slight_smile:

To explain: no, there is not a way to encrypt a book with DRM according to the specifications of a vendor without going through that vendor at this point in time (or to put it another way, protected in such a way that that vendor’s device will be able to unlock it at all—you can certainly encrypt a book yourself, but hardly anything will be able to do anything with it). At least, none that I am aware of provide that option. You have to publish through the vendor to take advantage of their protective services, and they have a vested interest in keeping it that way.

This is in fact a big point of contention in the law theatre right now. There is a antitrust suit against the major publishers by indie bookstore chains—the claim being that there is no way for an indie bookstore to break into the e-book market, period. If they can’t find a legal way to sell books that work on a Nook or Kindle (without just leaving the contents wide open, naturally), then they have no basis for existing in the future.

Anyway, that’s probably more than you wanted to know.

This is very helpful. I now understand why every workable DRM strategy is controlled by the device makers… and will remain so until they decide to change it.