Locking files within a project

Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere, I didn’t find it when I searched the forums. Is there a way to lock a file or series of files within a project so that they can’t be accidentally edited? I am working on a multi-volume work and want to keep it all as one project so I can easily reference earlier writing, but don’t want to accidentally change anything that has already reached its final stage and been sent out. Thanks.


There’s no way to make a file read-only, but what you can do is take a snapshot of that document (cmd-5) and mark it “Complete” or whatever using the status. That way, if you do ever accidentally make any edits, you can always roll back to the snapshot - snapshots are locked versions of documents.

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You could also compile the completed works to PDF and import the PDFs. You can’t accidentally edit those in Scrivener.

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