Locking Notes?

Hello All,

I’m testing Windows 1.9 at present, as well as beta using Windows 3.

One thing I notice on 1.9 is that you can lock the project notes, so that they are always available no matter which chapter you are on, and the Synopsis changes as it should, with the chapter navigation.

In the beta version, you can import notes in to the bookmark and have that permanently on display as you toggle through chapters, but you have to then click a button to go to the synopsis of the chapter.

Is this deliberate?Is there a way to lock the project notes like in 1.9, but still have sight of the changing synopsis as you change chapters?


Hello and sorry for the very late response. I am not aware of any way in the new version to ‘lock’ the project bookmarks to the inspector as you have said, but you can open the Project Bookmarks window from the “Project” menu. If you then click on the icon in the bottom right it should open a quick reference panel that will display your bookmarks on the left, and which you can set to display the synopses by clicking the dropdown that says “Editor Only” and selecting “Synopsis”. I am not sure that this is what you are looking for, but it may be a help in your writing.

Thank you and sorry again for the long delay in replying.

A couple of ways.

  1. You can select your project notes as a Quick Reference (Navigate → quick Reference → [select the document]), which will then be always visible. Note that you cannot select a currently open document, although once you select a document as Quick Reference, you can open it at the same time Quick Reference is open. I think this is a bug (I should be able to select any document as Quick Reference, whether it’s open or not). You can shrink the quick reference panel fairly small, but not as small as I’d like.

  2. You can open two panes in the editor, and have one of them show your project notes. If you generally only use one pane of the editor, this is likely the best option. Best way, I think, for this option, is to select vertical split, with the right editor as the Notes panel. Click the right editor (or left, if you prefer), click your project notes document. Ctrl-Shift-L (or Navigate → Editor → Lock in Place). Click the left editor (or the right, if you chose the left as your Notes panel), select the documents to edit. Select Navigate → Editor → “Lock Inspector to current editor.” The synopsis will show the current doc’s synopsis, and you won’t be able to navigate out of the project notes document in the project notes pane of the editor, forcing it to remain in place.

I hope that helps.

Guys, many thanks for the responses. I will try them out shortly. :slight_smile: