Locking page layout?

Is there a way to lock the physical page/window dimensions? Whenever I’m trying to grab the scroll bar I inadvertently end up grabbing the “horizontal expansion” and mess up my page.

A Layout, as saved in Windows > Layouts will also ‘lock’ the width of the Inspector pane on the right.

Hi…I created a layout and it will instantly revert back when clicked…but it doesn’t appear to “lock” anything. I know this is a pretty trivial request…but for some reason, I grab the “resize” of the Inspector pane more times than not.

Yes, you’re right. It just reapplies the splitter to the saved position.

In a Theme you can colour the splitter, so it stands out or become invisible, but you can’t remove or lock it, AFAIK.

Maybe you can set the Width to Zero. That would then also apply for the splitter between the Binder and the Editor. And probably other, horizontal splitters.

I’ll have to investigate. Stay tuned.

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