Locking Research documents to a specific panel

Hello Scrivener fans !

I use Scrivener mainly in dual-panel mode (split horizontally). I have the document I’m writing in the top panel and whatever research document I’m referring to in the lower panel. Alas, whenever I need to switch to another research document, I forget that the focus is still on the upper panel (since I’m writing in it) and thus the new research document opens up in the upper panel. I then find myself with two research documents and nothing to keep writing to :wink:

I feel it would be useful to have a setting in the Preferences allowing to specify a default panel to open all research documents : if the document being clicked on in the Binder is witin the “Research” folder, then always open it in such or such panel.

It could be worded something like :

Open Research documents in :
[] Active panel
[] Upper panel
[] Lower panel

(or first / second panel if panels can be opened vertically too).

Would this be useful to many of you, or is it just me ? (And then, maybe there is a trick to avoid that mistake I’m making).

Thanks !


Note : I’m still evaluating Scrivener, thanks the real 30 days evaluation that allowed me to resume my evaluation after a solid three week vacations. That’s really good stuff.

Hi, what you could do is use Binder Affects (View > Binder Affects) and set it so that only one pane is affected by the binder at all (e.g. the one on the right). Then, whenever you wanted to change a document in the other pane (the one not affected by binder selections), you would just drag the file from the binder into the header bar of the document view.
Hope that helps.
All the best,

Works like a charm ! Thank you much !