Lodging a Complaint...

I’d like to lodge a complaint. I was working on a series bible for my novel(s)-to-be. I got initially frustrated because I didn’t think it would be that clean to link between files. So, I spent Sunday getting my computer to run a wiki tool I like that I knew could do just what I needed it to…

Today, I thought perhaps I was a bit too hasty. Sure enough, YouTube and a few other sites, including this forum, reminded me how to type links quickly [[ link ]] and how it quickly found the right existing file. You have stolen my need to spend countless hours tweaking technical stuff.

Now, I find in the beta that you’re enabling bold/italic Markdown convert on compile… a step closer to my preferred style.

Curse you, Scrivener, for not allowing me to complain. I wanted to…but I couldn’t.

I blame Not Kevin… and Canada.


As a Canadian, I would like to say that we will gladly take the blame for any time-and-work-saving feature or device that you care to blame on us. We are willing to take that hit in the name of world diplomacy.

youtube.com/watch?v=bOR38552MJA (Blame Canada) :wink:

As someone who just moved to Canada, I can assure you that there is zero chance of Canada having had anything to do with something that makes things go faster.

Seriously, can you walk any slower?

We need to imposed a “The Long Walk” style minimum speed limit on sidewalks or be ‘ticketed’.