Logging out of Old Computers / Can't Use My License

Hi! So I bought Scrivener in 2015, and I’ve changed computers many times since then. I’m wanting to use the app on my new computer but it’s telling me that I’ve used the license too many times so I have to log out of the old computers to be able to log in here. That’s where I’m getting stopped up. I cleared all the computers before selling them of turning them in to get my upgrade. I’m not using the license anywhere at this point, and I have no way to get back to those computers to re-download the item and remove the license from that computer. What can I do now? I really don’t want to have to buy another license, I’m hoping theres a solution to be able to remotely log out of all devices of something like that?

There’s an option in Scrivener to deactivate the license for that device, which it’s best to do prior to scrapping the device. (I realize you can’t do that now, but felt it worthwhile to mention in case anyone comes along and reads this later. :grinning: )

If I were you, I’d contact the L&L support team directly on this, URL below. You may have to provide personal info to them that you wouldn’t want to share in this forum. Their support queue seems to currently be taking about a week or so to reply, so factor that in.

Here’s where to contact support directly: Contact Us | Literature and Latte