Login issue

Just upgraded to RC 12 and had a problem starting up. The startup image appeared on screen 2, while the box to check ok to the notice that it expires on Dec 31 2020 appeared under some windows on screen 1. I didn’t figure it out for a few seconds and thought perhaps the program had crashed! Yikes.

Now, this is my setup. Don’t ask me why, I don’t remember, But it works, though looking at it for this report seems stupid.

2 screens
Screen 1 on the left screen 2 on the right
Screen 2 is the default screen.
I opened from a folder on my desktop which was on screen 1.
The opening picture saying its loading appeared on the default screen 1
The question I needed to answer, under folders containing shortcuts and windows on screen 1, the screen from which the program was launched.

I don’t remember this happening before. Seems like an effort should be made to have the question / reminder of end of life should appear spatially proximal.