Long load time (all of a sudden)

I seem to be having trouble with Scrivener.

I’ve been using it swimmingly for the past few months. Normally, I don’t close the program. In fact, I generally don’t turn off my laptop. But tonight I closed Scrivener for some reason, and when I tried to open it again, the program took about five minutes to load. It worked fine after that initial load time, but once I closed it again and tried to reopen, I had to wait the same amount of time.

I restarted. Same issue. I shut down, turned on. Same issue. I closed the program with open Scrivener files, same problem. I closed it with no open files, so it would default to the Create New File dialog box. Same problem. I’m baffled, but I always get the same problem.

I’m on a MacBook Air. I don’t do anything with the computer except write in Scrivener, so I’m not sure why this has suddenly started happening.

Any ideas?


The first thing to try is a preferences reset. With Scrivener closed, in the Finder, go to ~/Library/Preferences and delete the file entitled com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.plist. If you’re on Snow Leopard, also delete the file entitled com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.LSSharedFileList.plist (you can delete any other files inside ~/Library/Preferences starting with “com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2…” as well).

After that, re-launch Scrivener. You will need to re-enter your user name and serial number because those will have been wiped in the preference reset.

One other possibility is project templates - have you created any large project templates recently? All project templates have to be loaded from disk to be read by the template chooser, so if you have created any enormous ones those could slow down loading.

All the best,

No templates, but deleting those files seems to have fixed the problem.

Not too hard a solution, but is there anything I did to cause the problem in the first place, so I can prevent it from happening again? I didn’t change any preferences or anything before it started…

You let in the gremlins! Shaaaaaaaaaaaaame on you!

…Which is to say, not really, I don’t think. Preference files (in all applications) notoriously just randomly get corrupted sometimes. But Keith might know if there was a secret trigger.

Okay, we’ll see if Keith has anything to say about it.

The last thing I did before the problem began was a compile to RTF. But I’ve done that before with no problems stemming from it, so I’m baffled. Maybe Keith won’t be.

I haven’t got any magic answers, sorry. This is just a known issue on OS X in general - if things go on the fritz with any application, or if it suddenly slows down, the first thing to try is deleting the preferences. OS X handles when the preferences get written to file, so my wild guess is that in some rare situations something else happens while it’s writing the preferences and the preferences file gets corrupted, although what that “something else” would be is anyone’s guess. You shouldn’t need to worry about it happening again though - it’s just one of those things that occurs occasionally - but not often - on OS X and affects random programs (although it’s more likely to happen to a program you use a lot).

Glad clearing the preferences fixed things though!

All the best,

I’m glad, too. As I said, I bought this Air almost entirely for Scrivener (and Aeon Timeline), though I also use iTunes for my iPhone and Safari and Mail. So I’m glad Scrivener’s working again!

Also, this is my first Mac, and I’ve only had it for a few months, so I’m not surprised I haven’t seen this problem before, if it’s rare. At least I know now!

Thanks again!