Long saving times -> uresponsiveness

I experience that Scrivener 1.0.3 more and more often becomes unresponsive during the time documents are saved. I run Scrivener on a laptop with x64 Win 7, 8 Gb memory, quad core i7 processor running at 2 GHz (approximately, the CPU throttles the cores as required). Approx 41 000 words in the project

I’ve tried to extend the save after period of inactivity as suggested in another thread, but I still wonder if the time to save documents will become a future nuisance when my project grows.

Have you tried the latest beta version? It contains quite a few performance enhancements and may help your situation.


I’ve found that restarting Windows systems regularly and shutting down applications when not in use are good practices and seem to help clear out accumulated memory cruft. Windows 7 is much better than some earlier versions, but it’s still not a bad idea.


It is a beta, but since it’s an update, not a brand new release, it should be at least as stable as the version you’re using.

As always, be sure to backup your projects regularly.