Long shut down

It takes Scrivener 2.1 around 3-4 minutes to close. This is very annoying, but I’m a newbie and may be doing something wrong. Can anyone help? I’m using Leopard.

That is a very long time, but how long is your project? Scrivener saves on close. While it’s open and running, it only saves crucial data; on closing, it saves the entire search index database (if that’s lost by a crash, it can be rebuilt, so it’s not essential it gets saved constantly, and saving it only on close keeps things fast while running). This should normally be fast, but if you project is enormous, then it will take longer to save. At three or four minutes, I would guess that your project is perhaps over a gigabyte in size and contains many large PDF files - could that be the case?

Also, by default Scrivener is set up to make a backup of each project on close, so along with saving the search indexes it will then compress and copy the whole project file - again, for large projects, this can take a while. You can turn this behaviour off for individual projects via the File > Back Up menu, or for all projects via the “Backup” pane of the Preferences.

All the best,

That must be it. The zipped backup file is 1.7 gigs. I’ll see what happens if I don’t use the zip option. Thanks for the quick reply.