long time lurker, 1st time poster

I think I’ve been lurking for close to a year now. I’d heard of Scrivener from Writer’s Digest, but at first I was skeptical. Yet another piece of software aimed at writers and their wallets. I thought, “What’s the big deal? Why would anyone need anything other than an all purpose word processing program?” I’ve used several. Word, WordPerfect, I think there was one called Amipro (that was back in high school, so I don’t remember exactly what it was called anymore), and Works. All doing basically the same thing.

Then about six months after joining the Writer’s Digest forums, software reviews came up again. By that time, I had a Mac laptop I’d bought off a friend who had upgraded to a newer computer. (my first Mac) I’d started using my laptop almost exclusively for writing. I was still recovering from pulling my shoulder over a year before, so sitting at a desk that put the keyboard too far away from me made sitting there very uncomfortable. The laptop freed me to sit on the couch, the recliner, anywhere that gave me back and shoulder support and keep my arm close to my body at the same time. (It’s much better now, but I still prefer my laptop.)

So when Scrivener came under discussion again, I decided to actually research it, rather than dismiss it for a second time. Word was even more annoying on my laptop than it was on my PC. I wanted something better. As soon as I saw how Scriv was laid out, I knew I was in writer heaven. A binder on the computer. Fancy that! :smiley: And with notecards and corkboard, too!

I don’t write well in linear mode. I write a section, backtrack, insert a scene, write another scene. Doesn’t help that my novel concept started with the climax. (I’d dreamed it up and felt driven to “discover” what led up to it.) So, seeing that I could write my story as it came to me and still keep track of what was going on, I had to get the trial version. And may I say, I have LOVED the fact that the trial is 30 days of use and not simply 30 days long. I used TextEdit to help stretch out my trial until I could afford to finally buy it today. (I hadn’t even known I had that on my 'puter until I did the export. Much simpler than Word, and much less annoying.)

I still have much to learn about fully utilizing Scriv, but I love even what I can do so far. So many terrific features. This is by far the best thing, besides BIC (butt in chair), that has happened to my novel. I am now a third of the way or so through the first draft. Now I just have to go through and transfer over the TextEdit work back into Scrivener.

Thanks for such a wonderful program!

How thrilling!

I hope your experience is similar to mine; as time goes on, you will find even more cool things to love about Scrivener.

One of my funniest experiences was how I raved and raved about Scrivener to my long-suffering husband, who was happy for me, but did not “get it.”

Until he started his own novel. Now I was the one nodding and smiling… as he kept coming out of the computer room to rave about Scrivener.


Don’t you love those smug, “I told you so” moments!

Hi dragonsong,

Many thanks for your kind words (and for buying!). Great to hear that Scrivener is helping you make progress on your novel. (I think a lot of “writing software” can get a bit of a bad name by association; there is a lot of software out there that pretends it will pretty much write your novel for you, perhaps by using Vogler’s twelve steps of the hero’s journey or whatever. And naturally most writers run a mile from that. Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious that there is a separate class of software - Scrivener within it - that doesn’t come under the telling-you-how-to-write bracket but instead does no more prompting than a regular word processor; it is instead an alternative to a word processor. I always liked the slogan of the ancient Z-Write, which is probably the forefather of most of this software: “Non-linear word processing.”) I’m glad you took the time to research it and that you did find it fitted your needs after all! Good luck with your novel - I hope you discover what leads up to the climax; sounds exciting.

Thanks again and all the best,