Longer list of recent projects

A very simple (I hope) request: that the list of Recent Projects on the File menu be made longer. Five seems awfully few. I think it should be at least 10, and probably the number should be made configurable somewhere in Tools > Options. Thanks for listening!

Agree. Making it configurable would definitely be an improvement.

I believe we have this on the list already. It got neglected because a configuration option for this was not a part of the original design on the Mac—the Mac has a central system for recent documents that all applications use, meaning you set the number of retained documents in the Mac’s equivalent of the “Control Panel”.

Ah, I see. Windows, of course, also has a central Recent Documents list (a folder full of shortcuts, actually), but I don’t know if programs can access it or not. I actually think the Windows way has advantages (not meaning to start a Windows v. Mac debate here!). It makes it more work for software programmers, but the number of available recent documents can be set for each program.

We wouldn’t want to access the system level recent documents folder anyway, that wouldn’t be terribly useful for just finding recent Scrivener projects. For one it probably just lists the ‘project.scrivx’ file, which isn’t as informative as the actual project name.

Assuming all of them also code a setting to control how many recent documents are retained in the list, or course. :slight_smile: In fact, I would say most do not let you control that. I could be wrong, but I usually see a typical List of Five in the File menu for programs that have something.