Looking for a good clip manager


I need to get a good clip manager, nothing fancy. Just something to organize clipboard clips and other pieces of boilerplate that I can quickly paste into other apps. I’m trying out Paste Master and it works pretty well (and is only $8). I’d be happy with it, but I thought I’d check here before finalizing my choice. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Steve Z.

I like using text expanders for things like this, as you can trigger them with abbreviations while you type, and most of them let you do things like position the cursor in a certain spot within the boilerplate, insert the clipboard contents, datestamp, and other such things. Typinator and TextExpander are the two best known ones, and I think I recall one being free as well, though it might not be as up to date.

But for an extended clipboard, I like PTH Pasteboard. I think there is a cheap or free version as well as the pro version which does some fancy stuff. Clipboard extenders are nice since all you need to do to capture something is Cmd-C it. With PTH, you can have multiple pasteboards, some of which are persistent and will not roll off as you continue to copy more material (though you can also set the roll-off amount super high, at the cost of performance).


Thanks for the recommendations. I should have explained that part of what is driving me is that I am clipping information from one location to paste into another, so the clip manager is the better choice. I’ll check out PTH Pasteboard. Thank you.

Steve Z.

Yup, definitely want a pasteboard manager then! PTH is a little feature choked, but it does just about anything you might ever want of a clipping tool. And you can set up shortcuts to trigger pasteboards and even individual slots within the pasteboard (this all might be “Pro” level) and such, so you don’t entirely lose out from the keyboard friendly aspect that a text expansion tool gives you.

PTH is a good option.
I’ll add Keyboard Maestro. Clipboards are just one of its features. Be sure to read the manual or help to take advantage of its advanced features, such as specifying the number of clips to keep.

I liked PTH better since I had multiple clipboards, but IIRC Keyboard Maestro works fine with 2 clipboards. That may suit your needs, with the added bonus of using macros.

I use CuteClips, which is lightweight and pretty reliable. Stuf might be worth a look, but I haven’t tried it yet.

I use Clips. It is kind of fancy, but I like it. The visual stuff makes it easier for me to use. I haven’t noticed any significant slowdowns while using it, but I have a fairly new iMac.

You might want to check out reviews at MacUpdate.

I’ve been using CopyPaste Pro for years. It has three ways to get at your copied items.

I also run myClippings simultaneously. myClippings only saves copied items as plain text, but it allows you to keep up to 10,000 of them. It also has a search feature.

And then there is LaunchBar.

Clipboard History is free macupdate.com/app/mac/37521/ … rd-history