Looking for a way to point to specific annotations?

Hi everybody,

I’ll try to make it as clear as I can.
I’m using Scrivener for many years now. Love it.

These days I’m finishing a novel (not so big but let say 100 pages).
But I’m still at work. And here or there I’m writing a little bit. Because I want to take time, i’m using inline annotations. Like that I can see quickly where are the new sentences and rewrite them if needed.

Is there a way to show all these annotations ?

What can I do to review all the changes I’ve made without scrolling all the pages looking for the inline annotations ?

Edit > Find > Find by Formatting will allow you to search for all inline annotations, or inline annotations containing specific text, and flip through them sequentially (Next/Previous).

Another tool that is helpful here, particularly if you’d rather skim through your notes quickly, is the File ▸ Export ▸ Comments & Annotations.... That will make an RTF file that you can drop into the binder if you want to keep it handy.

Thanks amickie and AmberV !

Amickie your solution is exactly what I was looking for (like this I can see the annotations inside the whole text). Scrivener is very exhaustive that’s great ! I should have checked carefully !

Thanks (and for the unkown english verb : to skim)

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