Looking for a writing group

Hi all!

I’m looking for a writing group. I put this on one of the other forums, but I’m not 100% sure how these forums work, so apologies for the duplication.

I’m a literary writer based in San Francisco. I’ve googled writing groups here but the only thing without a fee or application process (which also tends to have a fee) is meetup.com. Would love to get your thoughts.


Have you searched Facebook?

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Interesting. I’m not really on FB, so I hadn’t thought of that. Thx!

This is a writer’s group of sorts.

That’s definitely what it seems like. I do want a group that will read each other’s work and offer feedback. Is there anything like that on one of these forums? I didn’t see anything…

If you’re looking for a place where folks read and provide feedback on your writing, consider Scribophile.

It’s an established, active critiquing site that’s been around a number of years, with a large population of contributors at all skill levels and genres.

When you critique the work of others, you earn karma points. When you’ve earned enough points, you can post one of your own works for critiquing, which will cost you karma points. For every work you submit for critiquing, you’ll need to critique 3-5 works by other writers. This is a very typical model for critiquing sites.

The site is designed to encourage you to build a network of other writers. The idea is to seek out like-minded writers and provide feedback/advice/encouragement to each other. You can even go so far as set up writing groups within Scribophile to further enable this, but it’s optional.

There are also active forums at the site, so there’s a place to go for questions related to writing, publishing, books, etc.

There is a basic (free) membership level, as well as a paid level. The free level has some limitations, but there is no time limit–you can stay basic as long as you like–and it’s sufficient to utilize the site. My impression is that there are plenty of members who participate at the basic level. Obviously it’s the paid level that the keeps the site in business.

I’ve been lurking and evaluating Scribophile myself for a few weeks now, and have decided to join. The basic level’s limitations are minor but annoying enough that I’ll probably join with a month-to-month subscription. Let me know if you have any questions.



Here is the most comprehensive list of critiquing sites that I’ve been able to find.

I’ve found the list to be super helpful. Some of the sites are no longer functional–that’s a problem with ‘free’ sites. Some sites are genre-specific, so you’ll skip those. But check the others out–I hope you find somewhere that fits.

Good luck with your search. :grin:



This is amazing! Thank you so much, Jim!


@jacquegothard: I’d suggest joining a social network called NextDoor. I would also put up flyers in libraries, coffee shops and bookstores.