Looking for back-ups

Hi all,

I had that moment we all dread when my computer’s hard-drive died and took everything with it.

Happily, or so I thought, I had been backing up my work automatically backing up to Dropbox. And every time I quit I saw the message, “Backing up files…”

I got to a new mac, installed Scrivener, and opened up Dropbox – the last .bak file was from April, which is when I had to reinstall Scrivener.

Logic says that I messed up the backup location, and it was going someplace new. But - since I’m working with a new install of Scrivener - I don’t know what that place might be.

I welcome any suggestions you might have.

Thank you,


Hi Sam,

You should go to the Backup section of Scriv’s Options to determine where your backups are being saved.

I’m on the Windows Beta version of Scrivener, but I’m pretty sure navigation to Options is the same on a Mac: File > Options > Backup.

Backup Location should contain the path to your backup folder.

Clicking Open backup folder will open it for you.

Hope that helps you find your work. :slight_smile:


Are you looking for the backups or your projects? It’s not the same thing.