Looking for Best Writers' Apps for IPod Touch

Hi. I saw some messages posted here a while back about iOs programs, but the focus was on the IPod.

I just bought an IPod Touch (though haven’t used it yet), but I’m wondering if people here can recommend some good iOS applications for writers.

I don’t plan to do a lot of writing on it, but I’d like an app with good organization features like the binder in Scrivener.

I would give Index Card a look. There isn’t really a way to have a Binder+Editor on the iPod/Phone because the screen is too small, but this program does offer a way of organising bits of text like the binder lets you do, or more precisely kind of like how the corkboard lets you. Meanwhile Scrivener for the Mac can sync with it.

‘Notability’ is the best note-taking/organisation app I’ve come across, by a long way.

For general creative writing I like ‘iA Writer’ and ‘CleanWriter’.