Looking for Beta testers for a new training/productivity app


Hopefully, this is ok post in this forum. I am working on a new forum of
training / productivity designed to teach you more about an application as
you go about your daily tasks. One application I picked to provide training
for is Scrivener, with the intent of helping some friends learn more if its
features. To help me learn more about what does and does not work, I would
like to provide access to the application to other OS X (Lion) Scrivener users.

You can learn more and get the beta today at:

I would love to get feedback on what does and does not work, and reports of
any and all problems encountered.

(If the developers of Scrivener would like to improve the training provided by
my app, send me an email, I would love to chat)

Thanks for your time

Brian Krisler
PhD Candidiate
Brandeis University