Looking for better dictionary options

As we all await with bated breath the release of version 3 for Windows, I’m stuck with a problem.

The default dictionary isn’t cutting it for me.

I work in British English, I write up to post-graduate standard, and I find I am having to teach Scrivener a lot of words, many of which should be included in a standard dictionary, I feel. Words such as; bioluminescent, mundanity, haulier, chaperone, unobvious, imaginarily, etcetera.

Can I therefore ask:

  1. Where else might I source a better dictionary?
  2. How to install it?


  1. go here: github.com/LibreOffice/dictiona … /master/en
  2. get the two required dictionary files en_GB.aff and en_GB,dic
  3. save them into {username}/Library/Spelling
  4. sign off and on again
  5. go to system settings / keyboard / text and select the dictionary in the spelling dropdown. if you dont see it there, go to the bottom of the list, select “configuration…” and activate the dictionary.

After that you should be able to use it. This applies to Mac only.

Thanks for the pointer to some new dictionaries.

Now all I need to do is find out how to install them under Windows 10.


So, basically absolutely useless for a Windows user.

Yes, that is correct, useless for Windows. They use different spelling engines.

So as a Windows only user, it rather looks like I need to wait for whatever Version 3 brings (whenever that happens) for any enhanced internal dictionary options?


I’d lodge it as a feature request, but August was a long time ago already…

Cheers all.

Last I knew, Windows 1.9 and Windows 3.x were both using the open source aspell (albeit different versions) as the base of their spellcheck system, so whatever dictionary format that drags in is what we’ve got. If you do some searching on “aspell” here in the forums, you may be able to pick up some things you can do now if you’re not afraid of going into the file system manually and editing the relevant files.