Looking for blogging software

Hello everybody –

I am looking for a blogging software.
I checked out Wordpress and Serendipity and did not understand a single word of their tech speak. Is there a blogging software out there that comes with the ease-of-use (but not the problems of) iWeb.

Help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,




I’m not blogging, so I can’t tell you about my experience. I got it with the recent MacUpdate Pomo Bundle. They call it ‘Mac journaling and blog software’.


Thank you, Ursula.
But I think MacJournal is not a blogging software but rather a digital journal which also allows you to post to a given blog.



I’ve been using MarsEdit for a couple years. It’s clean, straightforward, simple to work with, and you can try it free for a month.

And don’t give up on Wordpress. Just jump in and start building a few posts. Easiest way to learn the system. You don’t have to put anything on-line – open to the public – until you’re confident about what you’re doing.


I can’t speak highly enough about Serendipity. There are a few steps involved, but it’s not that difficult to setup, especially if your web host provides you with a tool like cPanel.

My blog is Serendipity powered.

I particularly like the large number of plugins that are available and how easily customizable it is.

I’ll second the recommendation of MarsEdit, though of course it’s not actually what you were asking for - that is, it’s a desktop app that allows you to write and post blog entries, not an actual blog system like Wordpress (which is what I use, but someone else set it up for me…).

Thank you to all of you for your help.

Wordpress just is too complicated for me. I know nothing about “databanks”, “php” etc… and I lack the time to change that.

Have some of you used blogger.com by Google?


Yes, I use blogger.com. It’s WYSIWYG and easy to use, as long as you want mainly to post text, links, and a few images. For a long while, only FireFox and Camino did a good job of displaying the write/edit interface, but the most recent build of Safari now does, too. Set up of template, settings, and comments is simple, you may have multiple blogs, upload is fast and the storage is free. I recommend the beta version, known as Blogger in Draft.

You only need to know how to make a database for Wordpress if you use the software on your own website. You can also create a blog hosted by Wordpress at wordpress.com as far as I know.

I only have experience with installing and running Wordpress on my own server, but I really like it. It’s pretty easy to update and make new posts. Plus you can run local software to update (as you can with blogger too)

What exactly do you want? There’s plenty of options out there, if you specificy we may help you find the best option :slight_smile:


Thank you Tanja.

Well, I would like to gradually put all my published articles and reports online, plus some photos. Along with this I also would like to post diary-like entries.

I have looked into blogger today and find it easy to use. The only problem: there is no built-in way to compress/expand longer posts. Some of my articles are very long, more than 20,000 characters.