Looking for custom compile formats in Scrivener 3?

In Scrivener 2, it was possible to set up custom project formats by going to File > Compile > Contents (see image). The custom format saved all your compile settings for a specific project.

I’ve installed Scrivener 3, but I can’t find my custom formats. I had seven of them in Scrivener 2. Does anyone know if they are installed automatically in Scrivener 3, and if so where to find them? Or do I somehow need to import them from Scrivener 2, and if so, how?


Please see §E.2 of the new user manual — this has to be done manually because the substantial changes to Compile. When you have time, it may be worthwhile to explore these new features that enable a much more flexible approach to compiling.

Thank you!

This is not an answer to your question but it seems like you may know what you’re doing. Would you or someone you know be willing to design a custom format for me? Happy to pay a reasonable fee for good work.