Looking for Editing Work

Every time I post to this forum I get an answer, so I figured I would throw this one out there. I’m looking to make a little money on the side and do some editing for any creative writing piece. I’m thinking a per page fee, nothing outstanding, and negotiated between the writer and I. Problem: Where would I post my offer? A google search leads to confounding results, so I figured I might get help here (and maybe some interest). I’m sure that this has come up before though (I did a search, looking for Edit/Editor/Looking for editor keywords and the like) so I apologize for possibly beating a dead horse. To wrap it up, I’m looking to get paid for editing creative writing, where do I go?



Editing is as hard to enter as writing these days, at least at the professional level. The big publishers have copy-editors either on staff or working for contract fees, and very good editors are much in demand. Smaller journals, online ‘zines and the like mostly rely on staff, and the authors’ own abilities. There might be demand among creative writing students, especially at the MFA level; but I wouldn’t know how to reach them; and the “paper mill” industry already offers a lot of help like that. Enter “freelance editing” in Google and you get thousands of hits. My suggestion: approach a local publication and ask if there’s need for a copy-editor. I wouldn’t limit myself to creative writing, since that’s a much more narrow publishing field. Lots of corporations and trade associations publish journals and magazines; it can be interesting and lucrative work.


PS: the best source on media jobs is MediaBistro: mediabistro.com/

I’m not looking to get into the actual editing business (though I understand that I was vague and unclear before) but rather a much smaller and less formal business. Let me explain by saying that I have been looking into the Amazon Kindle store for publishing a stand alone part of my manuscript. The problem with the kindle store as opposed to more tradional publishing is that it lacks those little grey men we call editors, and relies on the author to submit finished work. However, the process is very simple, but nothing in life is easy, so although it is simple to publish your content, having it actually read by the limited kindle audience is extremely difficult. What you have to rely on is a lot of luck and a damn fine manuscript. So, I got thinking about editing my manuscript and polishing it as best I could and I thought, I wish I could get this editing by another person as well as myself. The response to this is of course: “That’s what friends are for.” And at the risk of sounding pathetic, I will say that I don’t have friends who will read 200+ pages of manuscript and give me proper feedback other than: “It’s good” or “It’s bad.” So I thought, maybe I can find someone who will look at my work objectively and give me useful feedback and criticism (more like a workshop session than actual editing). I also thought to myself that I could do this work as well and so I tried to look for any writers who may also need this service. There are plenty of sites (LaL included) that you can submit your work to and have it looked over but no one is really going to give a proper and attentive read through for a long manuscript without being compensated in some way. So that’s where I thought I could come in. Publishing agencies are too complicated and bloated for my naive tastes, and (call me ignorant) I don’t see why this can’t be done on a smaller scale. Just a writer and an editor, collaborating via email and negotiating a simple fee or other kind of compensation (you edit my back, I’ll edit your back…). Granted nothing is going to win a Pulitzer here, but a simple read through by an impartial eye before going through the amazon ringer is something I am interested in giving and receiving. Pardon my long prose here, I’ve been writing for too long and I feel swimmy… I think I’ll stop here before my ranting grows anymore intolerable.


There are some critique groups that handle novel-length work.

If you’re in SF/F/H, critters.org is an excellent one. They mostly run short stories through, but you can post what they call an “RFDR” (Request for Dedicated Readers) with the first chapter of your novel. I haven’t put a novel through it myself, but my understanding is that typically you’ll get one or two who stick with you through the whole novel.

The only catch, if you can call it that because this is why the system works, is that you have to provide critiques in order to get them. They have a ratio system and you have to keep your ratio up; three critiques for every four weeks (to allow vacation and illness and “life happens” time). If you drop below, your stories don’t get sent through to the members.

I’ve never gone looking for something similar in other genres, since I’m an SF nut myself :slight_smile:

Look here.

If you put in editing you will see plenty. Doesnt mean you won’t get work.

Good luck


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