Looking for established writers who use Scrivener

The following message is from Kirk McElhearn, a freelance writer and senior contributor for Macworld. He is currently writing an officially-sanctioned e-book about Scrivener. You can find out more about Kirk on his website, where you can also contact him directly:


I’m in the process of writing an “official” book about Scrivener. I’d like to be able to include a number of brief testimonials from established writers about the program, why you use it, and any special ways you use it. I’m looking for just a few grafs from each person, and will include a byline with your website, latest book/screenplay, etc. It would be a big help for the program, because having some recognizable names will help with marketing.

If you’re interested and willing to do this, send me a PM or an e-mail through the forum (my user name is “kirkmc”).


Thanks for posting that Keith. I’m just going to reply so anyone who wants to contact me can click on my user name to send a PM or an e-mail…


Just found Kirks new book “Take Control of Scrivener 2” on Take Control ebooks: takecontrolbooks.com/scrivener-2

You can buy it directly from us too:

store.esellerate.net/store/chec … atalog.htm

It’s just gone live and we’ll be announcing it officially later today. :slight_smile:

I want to thank all those who wrote me about this post. I got more replies than expected, and only had room for a few author testimonials.

In any case, I hope you’ll check out the book. As posted just above, it is now available.