Looking for German Writers and formatting manuscript help?

Hello there,

I am new to the Mac and to Scrivener, but I have been working for a while with Scrivener and finished my first novel (book). The story is about 650 pages compiled with standard manuscript format in Scrivener.

I am looking for German Writers that work with Scrivener and need some help in formatting my manuscript.
German publishers wanted a manuscript with 30 lines and the standard manuscript format in Scrivener get as a result 24 lines on a page, when you compile it with the novel standard manuscript format.

Need some help in formatting and how to change the compile function to get the 30 lines with 60 characters (including spaces) with a 12 point font thats about 1800 characters per page.

Perhaps can someone tell me how to change this in Scrivener to get the result for the german publishers.


P.S. Sorry for my english. I tried to describe carefully my request.

Nobody ??

I need only help to get my manuscript formatted for the german publishers.
30 Lines with maximal 60 strokes (Characters) per line.

How can I change the standard manuscript format in Scrivener?


If I’m reading this correctly, what you need is your space between lines to be decreased so that 30 12 pt font lines will fit on a standard page with 1 inch margins all around.

Turns out this is six points. (I just went on Word and played with it until 30 lines fit.)

So it’s somewhere between single and double spaced.

I believe if you go to compile your book, when you choose the format, whether RTF, Text or whatever, it gives you the option of formatting on the left. I would try 1.5 spaces if it gives you that option or 6 pts if it gives you that option. 1.5 spaces is actually 32 lines, but it’s pretty close. That should give you the spacing you require.

If I’ve read this correctly.

BTW, 31 or 29 lines per page won’t hurt if the novel is good. And if it isn’t, exact formatting won’t rescue it. It’s really the words that count.

Yes, thats right that if the novel is good the formatting is not so important.

Time will show, if I write something good or not.

Thanks for the formatting help, try to get this into scrivener. Now working on something new, and only time will show if my novel will be published.

P.S. Sorry for my english guys it is not my native language. I try to write clearly.

Your English is fine. Not perfect, but you are certainly communicating well enough.

Neither is mine…and I’ve been speaking it for almost 67yrs :frowning:

Hi Jake, sounds like what you’e looking for is the “Normseite”. If you’re German, you will find everything you need to know here: http://www.literaturcafe.de/text-in-normseite-umwandeln/.
(If you’re not German you might not be able to read it at all…) 8)

I’m new to Scrivener, so I wouldn’t know whether you can use it for creating a Normseite, but you could copy your whole manuscript into the suggested Normseite of Open Office, for example…
hope this helps.


Lieber Jake,

wenn Du immer noch Hilfe brauchst, kannst Du mir gerne eine PN schicken oder in diesem Thread weitere Fragen auf Deutsch stellen, ich versuche dann, Dir zu helfen!

Translation for our international readers:

Dear fellow schnitzel with ze typical German name Jake, if you still need help feel free to contact me in German via PN or in zis very sread.

Thanks for the Info but I knowing this already. But why should I export 600 pages of my novel to word or openoffice, when I can format this in scrivener.

But thanks for that, when I did not get it work, than I will try it in Word.

Danke für die Hilfe. Ich schreib Dir eine Nachricht.

Translation to english.
Thanks for the help. I write a massage to you.