Looking for help with endnotes/Table of contents

Hello! I am using Scrivener for my nonfiction book, and I’m having some issues with endnotes. I would like to do the following (plz & thanks):

  1. As seen in the picture here, the some of the hyperlinks in my endnotes are dropping down to the next line due to some sort of wrapping, which I don’t want, since it looks super bad. Any ideas how to fix/avoid this?

  1. I would like to add section/chapter headers dividing each chapter’s endnotes section, and have them restart each count again at 1 through X until the end of each chapter. You can see in the screenshot I tried the headings, but it didn’t work.

  2. For my Table of Contents, I would like to have it display the chapter # Plus the Chapter Title. Any easy solutions?

Thank you!!

Played with it a little, now it’s doing this :frowning:
It appears to be doing this on all block quotes that are tabbed in. :frowning:

I tried inline quotes, and that worked if it wasn’t on the same line as the blockquote… but that obviously doesn’t help me very much,

Anyone with the know-how here who can help, I’d really appreciate it!

In case my question isn’t clear. Some of my footnotes/endnotes were indenting in (the ones that are indented quotes). I’d like them to NOT do this.

Also, long web links are wrapping on my endnotes/footnote, and sometimes result with them down a line (1 enter) from their footnote number, which looks bad.

Aaaand, how do I make each chapters footnotes/endnotes restart at #1?

Aaaaaaaaaand, is there a way to add section headers/dividers within the footnotes/endnotes for each chapter?

Thank you!!!

This is posted in the Mac forum, but your profile says you’re on a Windows system. Which is it, as the answers are somewhat different across platforms?

To the question about hyperlinks specifically, hyperlinks cannot be hyphenated, as doing so breaks the link. So there’s no way to avoid strange line breaks. In ebooks in particular, the user controls the font size, so the exact location of a line break is subject to change anyway.


I’m now using the Mac version.

Options for both numbering and indentation of footnotes and endnotes are discussed in Section 24.19.1 of the Scrivener 3 manual.

For the table of contents, see Section 22.2.


Got it, thanks!